Moonshot new song

November 29th, 2015, posted in music

Moonshot songI’m really excited, I just finished the rough mix of the new song Moonshot. It starts out a pop song, which for me is totally new, in truth I don’t know where it came from. I was surprised as I was composing to hear this song coming out. And then it metamorphosed into a real rocker. It’s got the usual 3 part harmonies in various parts, it’s song #5 on the new album. Yeh. On Dec. 13 I have a recording date with the great Kai Brückner (lead guitarist in my band) to do some slide guitar on it, as well as on Back Room Boyz.

That new album. It’s on it’s way, I’m just happy to see the window is still wide open for these songs coming thru. The next one is in the wings also, just have to find time to flesh it out, right now it’s just a sound file on my iPhone,  me humming the tune.

Also looking forward to the new web design – YES I’m getting finally a mobile friendly website. I know, I’m still operating in the last century. It’s coming soon. And it will have a comments section on each post, for instance on this one I would ask you all about the soundcloud image for this song – hanging there above. Likey? No likey? Until then, I’ll just keep on with intuition, which actually has had some decent results.

~ see u on the road


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