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 “But I don’t regret nothing, I’d do it again in spite…
In fact come to think of it, I think I just might.”

– from “Prodigal Son”

Since September 2014 Jamie has lived in Germany. In that time he has formed a band with some of the top jazz and blues musicians in Berlin and Hamburg, and performed 9 concerts (to this writing 2015).

It’s not everyday a musician finds himself performing in front of Paul McCartney.

Jamie St Clair, fronting a seven piece band, was the guest of honor at McCartney’s second wedding. “What song would you like to hear?” St Clair asked the groom in the front row. The former Beatle, sitting next to his new bride, shouted back “Play track 1. That’s our favorite. Isn’t it hun?”

Jamie playing liveJamie St Clair and Band is a world-based folk rock project featuring the songs and poems of Boulder, CO-native Jamie St Clair. Currently Jamie lives in N. Germany and plays in Germany and Europe. Artfully crafted with finger-style acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, and sometimes softly sung, sometimes belted melodies with 2 or 3 part harmonies, the bars of his new album We Will Abide describe the the longing, the betrayals and the faith of the loves past and present in Jamie’s life.

We Will Abide is the result of a one and a half yearlong effort, borne of the elation, inspiration and drive of four years of traveling, loving, making music, and working. Jamie has traveled to 4 continents in the last 30 years, and he sought out musicians, teachers, and friends who could inspire and support a soul searching phase in his life.

He wanted to know the truth of love.

Is it possible to totally love someone and remain free? The results of that search are in the music after two years of aloneness in the Rocky Mountains in Jamie’s house/studio in the forest. The arrangements are for a 4 or 6 piece band, which provides the dynamics for both the intimate and mysterious and the wall-of-sound songs on the album. Prompted to writing new songs one night after getting inspired by Patty Griffin after 7 shots of Tequila, Jamie’s 14 months of writing and recording was funded by two nonstop years of underground activity in the mountains of Colorado. The material for the songs came from an exhaustive review of his loves lost and loves found. The soul searching and truth finding that led him to live for 12 years in India in spiritual community and travel to live and work in five continents gave him the perspective of wisdom and truth that produced his songs of poesy and steely honesty.

Jamie's house in Colorado

Jamie’s house in Colorado

The perfect freedom of a house alone in the woods where he could record electric guitar turned up full and feeding back at any time of the day or night, enabled him to complete a new repertoire of 12 songs in 8 months. The next 4 months were dedicated to the mix down with Jamie’s sound engineer who lives in India, and mastering (Mayfield Mastering, Nashville). Jamie would ping pong the mixes back and forth with his mixing engineer via email and dropbox, including pages of notes and fine tuning adjustments until the mix was exactly right. And when they were, it was often greeted with shouts, dances, fist pounding, and screaming.

In exultation. It is that exultation which shines through this album, and his music performances to date.