Rock and Blues Night
Nov 9 at La Lecheria Cafe

Lübecker Straße 3, Klütz, DE link to rock blues night
We Will Abide CD

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Prodigal Son Live Jan 3, 2014

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November 9, 2014:
GERMANY Folk/Rock/Blues with band, 8:00pm at La Lecheria Cafe, Lübecker Straße 3, Klütz. Rock Blues Concert details

December 10, 2014:
GERMANY - Solo unplugged "Gesang, Stille, Freude" 8:00pm at Gutshaus Stellshagen. Details


Dec 18, 2013: Reviews for We Will Abide single.

Dec. 2, 2013: Jamie St Clair climbed to Top 20 favorites on CMR Nashville's HOTDISC TOP 40. Read more ->


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