Country Rock Concert
11.Juli - La Lecheria Cafe

Alte Molkerei, Klütz, DE singing event
We Will Abide CD

Live 2015

Concert Highlights 2014

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11.Juli 2015:
GERMANY Folk/Jazz/Rock with band, 8:00pm at Alte Molkerei, Lübecker Straße 3, Klütz. Jazz Rock Concert details

17.Juli 2015:
Schwerin - Folk/Jazz Trio, 17:00-21:00 at Schlossgarten Schwerin, Lenne Straße 2a

24.Juli 2015:
Folk/Jazz Abend, 20:00 Uhr at La Lecheria Cafe, Lübecker Straße 3, Klütz

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  • Kluetz Concert
  • Kluetz Concert

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